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  • Declutter in 5 Minutes? Why Not!

    Sep 30, 19

    Let’s admit it! Clearing clutter isn’t always on top of our list. Haha. :)

    But imagine a clutter free home? Peaceful and joyful…

    We just need a little bit of a motivation plus that ever-so-precious commodity, time. This really matters.

    But remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

    Start slowly and you will get there…

    It’s the steady progress that’s more important here.

    So here are the easy steps to begin with... each of them can be done in 5 minutes or less, I promise. Make your way through this list, one every day if you want to take it slow…

    Prepare the clock and let’s begin!
    1. Food Storage Containers - open drawers and pull out all plastic, make sure they match lids. Stack them up neatly and return to its cabinets.
    So easy! Let’s continue…..
    1. Fridge Door Condiments - unload all of them and check expiration dates and toss out anything that is past their prime. Wipe the bottoms of containers before returning them back.
    1. Utensil Jars - Take everything out of the jar and put back only the items you reach for often. If there are tools you want to keep but don’t need to access daily, move them to a different spot.
    1. Pen Cup - First, scoop up all the pens and pencils that are not actually in the pen cup. Toss out pens that are out of ink and put your favorites back in the pen cup.
    1. Drawer for socks - pull them out and match them in pairs. Check if there are worns, cuts and holes and get rid of them if you find one. Fold the sets properly and put them back in!
    1. Shower Products - remove unused items and keep only those products you use daily. Keeping a product you are not actually using takes up valuable space.
    1. Laundry Supplies - check your laundry room for any empty bottles of detergent / fabric conditioner. You can choose to recycle or throw them away. Always wipe the landry counter clean after!
    1. Dish towels - pull out all your dish towels and inspect them. Fold and put away the ones in good condition, and set aside the others to bring to a textile recycling bin or to cut up for use as rags.
    1. Magazines and Catalogues - Go through all the piles one by one and set aside current issues that you still want to read, and recycle the rest.

    Sound like a lot?

    NO it’s not! Try one by one and it can be done in 5 minutes or even less!

    I swear, it’s really fulfilling after - you will have earned your cup of tea, coffee (or my personal favourite, hot chocolate with cream and chocolate sprinkles!)!


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