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  • Digital Minimalism - Do You Need It?

    Apr 26, 19

    I wanna share something I ran across while reading an interesting article online...The so-called "Digital Minimalism."

    What is it all about? The question is -- do we really need this now??

    They say Digital minimalism is a mindset of questioning which digital communication tools are necessary for your happiness. It could be social media or anything you do on the internet.

    Sounds interesting. So YES! Let's get into this!

    Here are a few tips that would help you reduce this digital clutter:

    BE INTENTIONAL ABOUT YOUR DIGITAL LIFE - does spending online reflect your own values? Can you focus on other things while doing it? Being online doesn't always be a priority as there are lots of other things life can value for. Think about it!!

    CREATE BALANCE WITH ONLINE ACTIVITIES - don't make online your world, know that there are other things around you can enjoy! Like personal and human connection say for instance inviting for friends for dinner at your house or watching movie with family together. Also set a time for you to browse online/social media platforms, video shows etc. I promise, limiting them would make a big difference.

    DELETING APPS ON YOUR PHONE - admit it, you might realize you are almost getting out of phone memory due to lots of apps that you are not using anyway. Time to get rid of apps you aren't using that much. 

    MAKE TIME TO UNPLUG, DECLUTTER AND RE-CHARGE- above all, your happiness is important. Set a time for yourself to get rid of tools, routines online, apps and other services that don't benefit at all. Start today and make yourself happier!

    As always, I prefer to keep things and activities which could only bring joy to myself (the Marie Kondo way! Who would forget?).


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