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  • Easy Routines to Improve Your Life

    Jul 09, 19

    For the last few weeks, I have been sharing feel good home ideas! And I promise I will continue to share every bit I learned from all my readings and research. How does that sound?!

    Now we’re going to talk about something you can do to truly feel good - improve your life’s routines! 

    I am guilty of sometimes letting life get away from me, but when I follow certain rituals and routines, I get lots of stuff done, and feel great about it! 

    We all have our different rhythms in life, one will work for the other and it might not for the other one. It’s up to you on how to fit in.. if you feel it makes you happy!

    So let’s dig in! Here are some ways I found that would help you LOVE your LIFE more:

    LIST EVERYTHING YOU DO - writing down all the things you do is an easy way to effectively manage your time. Do them by categories...for example home tasks, work tasks and so on.. Now go and grab some paper and start the list! I promise you this will help!

    ESTABLISH A BUDGET - it's as easy as planning your tasks daily and weekly. I personally like doing the budget plan. It gives me an idea on how to spend my money wisely! Set up your routines and make sure to incorporate those important want to’s.

    DELEGATE - always remember you are not alone. You also need some help! This is important especially at work, at home or even group projects. Learn to divide the things you need to do so life will become easier than you ever thought! Keep in mind that you can always ask assistance.

    BE FLEXIBLE - Remember to create routine that is not a hardcore to-do list for yourself. Sometimes you might be thrown off but it's okay. You can always have the option to go back at it next time.

    SET A TIME TO READ - bring back the bookworm moments. You might be busy at times, but reading for at least an hour or two can help! You will love it! Or maybe you can do 1 book weekly or even monthly.. It's really up to you! Reading could be fun!

    YOGA OR EXERCISE - this is one of the most life-altering things in life, I promise! I felt it! As a person who does a lot of work I get stressed and exercise truly helped boost myself. In addition, it can bring peace and tranquility thus improves mood too!

    Benefits? A LOT!!!!

    We can be  more mindful.
    We can be more at peace. 
    And we can be stronger than before!

    So that’s it for now. It really makes me happy to share new ways to make you feel good in any way I can. 

    I hope you can try some of our products too and make the difference:


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