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    Nov 20, 18

    Do you want to know some Easy Ways to make your Home Smarter? Well Smart Home Technology nowadays makes it possible for us to have energy savings. 

    But the question is, what if you’re not ready to buy new home appliances as of yet? If you throw away old and less efficient stuff, that will cost you more for the added waste out of it!

    Luckily, we found some ways to modernize your old appliances without these worries.

    Try to Use Smart Plugs - this will let you control the power supply to an appliance or fixture with your phone or through a smart home assistant. This is an easy way to automate lamps for example in your home. Just plug a smart plug into your wall and connect a lamp to it, and now you will Wi-Fi controlled lighting.

    Install Smart Batteries - these type of batteries send alerts to your smartphone when the battery is low or when the alarm is triggered.

    Attach Smart Sensors to Dumb Devices - you can attach some Vibration sensors to your appliances like your washing machines or dryers and send alerts when no more vibration is detected. This will alert when your appliances are done working. You can also do the same thing with refrigerators etc to avoid overheating.

    Use Remote-Controlled Switches - you may also attach a device to an existing light switch that will actually flip the switch for you. These devices can be controlled from your phone or with a smart assistant. Other versions of these remote-controlled switches will press buttons.

    Having these smart tips will surely improve your Home Appliances with small add-ons that can give you high tech functions, while waiting to buy smart new appliances..

    Always make that Smart Choice!


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