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  • Happier Home with 5 Spring Cleaning Tips

    Jul 09, 19

    Winter season is almost over. So that simply means - Spring Cleaning Time!

    I am personally excited for warm and sunny weathers. Aren't you? Plus colors everywhere... Ohh I love SPRING!

    I believe that Spring should start fresh! 

    So let's get started with these 5 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips right away:

    1. DE-CLUTTER - get rid of things you don't really use at all! It will help you focus on necessary things to get done and keep things that you just need. If this is hard, try the Marie Kondo method and find "joy" of the things you want to have! I always love KonMari's method. ... Try your best to complete this step in a day so you can easily move on to the next...

    2. HAVE YOUR TOOLS READY - make sure to have all the things needed before clean-up. You don't want to run around looking for them when you begin your steps. I suggest you keep yourself an on-the-go kit in a place where you can easily remember.

    3. SET GOALS - it is very important to keep in mind what you really want to accomplish. Spring clean really matters so this should be a big deal to achieve right? In short, have a PLAN. Ideally, have a step-by-step procedure... say for instance deciding which room to clean first and which after? I have heard its better to clean each room in a circle or maybe start from top to bottom.

    4. CONSIDER HARD TO REACH AREAS - Spring cleaning is also going beyond what you usually do on your cleaning routine. Some of the areas to keep in mind are:

    Inside light fixtures
    Between refrigerator coils
    Over ceiling fan blades
    Inside the washing machine
    Around your HV/AC vents
    On and around the windows
    Around door frames and crown molding
    Behind the toilet

    5. MAKE CLEANING FUN - lastly, make this an enjoyable moment for yourself as much as possible. Try to have upbeat music in the background while doing your chores, it helps you encourage mood. Also treat yourself with a favorite food or buying something as a self reward when you get things done! This will make you feel excited for sure!!

    Always remembers that Spring Cleaning is about starting anew!

    A Clean Home is always a HAPPY HOME!!

    What can you say about our tips? Do you have something to share? Feel free to reply to this email.


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