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  • Keeping The Home Clean

    Aug 28, 18

    Many people today take pride in how clean and organized their homes are. All it takes is a little elbow grease, some easy solutions, and willingness to DE-clutter your home.
    It may sound like a lot of hard work to pull it off, but there are countless ideas everywhere - especially online. With that in mind, we did some super quick research for a few ideas.

    Here are a few tips from some of the leading experts who advise in how to KEEP OUR HOMES CLEAN:
    Everything Should Have its Place - a great way to reduce that clutter is to designate a space for each and every item. 

    Use A Sock To Clean Window Blinds - A sock is a fantastic way to catch all that dust and soot buildup that has been accumulating on your window blinds! It’s relatively malleable so it will fit your hand quite nicely.

    Clean Your Kitchen Knife Holders - those little kitchen knife holders can contain a lot of crumbs, debris, and residue if not cleaned out regularly. To do this, you’ll need to purchase a can of air from any major retail department store.

    Can’t Machine Wash Your Kids Toys? No Problem - A great way to wash and clean children’s toys that aren’t able to go in the wash is by using a simple solution using baking soda and safe cleaning solution meant for fabric.

    Use Baskets And Trays To Organize Clutter - A great way to eliminate things floating around your kitchen counter is to designate a basket or tray for one corner of your kitchen. There’s no need to have absolutely everything out all the time. Only the essentials!

    Organize Your Cleaners - Tired of sifting through your cupboards for every manner of cleaning product? Get one of those shoe organizing door hangers, and use them for bottles of cleaning spray instead of shoes.

    A clean and organized home is a HAPPY HOME!

    Now, after you get your home organized, time to freshen it up with a PLANT HANGER ROPE! This is a perfect design to show off your lovely plants, decor your wall and give your home a warm feeling.



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