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    Feb 26, 19

    I am really excited to share some lessons learned which I think is transformative (dare I say even life-changing) for anyone looking to create a feel-good home.

    Like many of you I’m sure, I am totally hooked on Marie Kondo’s TIDYING UP series on Netflix. I first discovered her a few years ago and loved her intense passion on decluttering. Over the years, her culture, ideas and philosophy have brought so much joy for me and my home.

    Let me share to with you some of the LIFE-CHANGING LESSONS I got from Marie:

    WELCOME CHANGE - Marie always starts with the closet. Imagine a big pile of clothes you own and realized you don’t need all of them. Did you know, they actually say you only ever wear variations of 7 items, 80% of the time. Crazy, right? It’s time to get rid of those you do not really use and ONLY keep those which “spark joy”. This is the same with what you have in your living room, kitchen or garage area. Giving up on things you own but do not spark joy for years will change your way of life.

    CLUTTER AFFECTS RELATIONSHIPS- imagine you see lots of junk surrounding your home? General junk affects our mood; how you treat your wife or your husband or your kids. Disorganization means disconnecting from everyone at home. If you help each other, sooner you will realize the fun of doing things together! It’s like working as a team!

    THE ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE- Marie affirms that gratitude is really important in tidying up your home. I love the idea to thank every item you own before getting rid of them out of your life. She reminds us to be thankful for the prosperity it provided us. Be grateful and you feel happy! That’s all it should be...

    REDISCOVERING YOURSELF - Watching Marie’s lessons, I have learned to rediscover my own style. After organizing the closet, I was able to look into different styles I loved before and now. By keeping those just I use, I feel like I am excited to embrace new styling and to try other things differently! This also applies to what I have in my kitchen, dining and living room area.

    CLEANING BECOMES EASY- when you follow cleaning-up by categories, you will learn to follow an order and by then it would be easier for you to do cleaning all over again! Always remember to do it by category not by room/area.

    HOME IS A SANCTUARY - I honestly loved our home more than before. It was a great reminder that it’s our sanctuary and that we need to take care of it. By eliminating things that doesn’t invite a joyful feeling, it will make you feel at peace. A clean home is always a FEEL GOOD HOME!

    Of course, I could not forget Marie’s line “I Love Mess”. Funny! (Yes, can you tell I’m completely addicted with all her episodes!)

    But it had a great impact on me. When you watch all her episodes you will understand that decluttering is a process. It’s not magic. You need to take it step-by-step.

    She changed my life. My family relationship has been strengthened and my priorities have been changed. Our house finally became a HOME for me!

    I hope she inspires and sparks joy in your life just as much she did in mine (and in our families!)


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