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    Nov 20, 18

    Coming back home after a long day makes us feel comfortable. And one way to get that sense of comfort is the SMELL of a HOME. It brings us a unique feeling of happiness!

    No one wants a stinky-bad smelling home. So we searched online of some few handy tips to get your house super smelling FRESH!

    Choose SCENTED CANDLES. They are not just making your home smell amazing but they also create a welcoming atmosphere. Citrus Lemon Scents are perfect for your kitchen and Lavender for a more relaxing feel!

    A HOME DIFFUSER is also easy to use and at least doesn’t require much effort from your side. You can just leave it out somewhere and the fragrance lasts reasonably long. Not to mention, some diffusers could be a great home decor add on too!

    The sweet scent of FLOWERS can freshen up any home. Try flowering pot plants. It is very budget friendly and can easily transform your home in minutes!

    Use SCENTED CLEANING PRODUCTS. It will leave a pleasant smell which last long after that much needed clean-up!

    KEEP WINDOWS OPEN and let the fresh air circulate throughout your home.

    A regular CHANGE IN BEDDINGS is also important. Your bedding takes on your human smell and if not washed regularly, can become a little stale. Wash your bedding at least once per week. Undeniably, one of the cleanest smells in a home is that of freshly washed laundry right?

    KEEP YOUR SHOES FRESH! Make sure to wash your shoes regularly. Make sure your shoes are completely dry before putting them in the cupboard in order to avoid foul smelling cupboards.

    There are always nasty smells lingering around dustbins so make sure to EMPTY THAT BIN! Clear out the rubbish regularly and in particular, when it’s hot out….

    To help keep your home with a fragrant smell, why not try our LIFE HOME ESSENTIAL OILS! A few drops into your Zencube will give you a great feeling while relaxing at home... 

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