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  • Secure Your Home? Read This!

    Sep 30, 19

    I feel like there should be a hierarchy of needs when it comes to establishing what makes a feel good home.

    If there was, I feel that security (and wi-fi!) would be right there at the bottom, foundation level as a very basic feel-good home need.

    Which is why I want to talk about HOME SECURITY.

    Nothing is more important than living in a home safely and soundly. Would you agree?

    GOOD News!

    We are very happy to bring into your home a brand NEW product that you definitely should take a look at.

    Introducing our SMART WINDOW & DOOR LOCK!!

    This will robustly and securely protect your home - specifically front doors and windows. Let me share with you some of the features:

    1. Open/Close Detection = This will safeguard your home with reliable open/close detection for doors, windows, cabinets, and even drawers.

    2. Instant Notifications = Be notified immediately through your smart phones or laptop when something at home is opened unexpectedly.

    3. Customized Events = You can personalize how your Z-Wave devices talk to each other. When the front door is opened in the evening, automatically turn on the welcome lights. When a backdoor is opened unexpectedly, trigger a Z-Wave alarm siren.

    4. Z-Wave Plus = Equipped with a new and improved 500 series chip for faster, safer, and better wireless connectivity.

    5. Always There = Low battery alerts mean constant communication and protection, while the sleek, compact design means only you will know it's there.

    Most important is number 6 - PEACE OF MIND. This is the most important one, in my opinion!

    Now this one will keep your home safe whenever. Plus this is FREE Shipping if you live in the U.S.

    Do check it out and may your house always be safe, secure and super feel-good!


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