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    Nov 21, 18

    Hosting a small or large group of friends at home sounds really exciting! It’s that time when you get along with friends and enjoy being together at the comforts of your home.
    So we wanted to share these tips and tricks we found online on how to manage and prepare a home to accommodate people. 

    It may take a little effort… but considering these TIPS will help you become more confident with the preparation and have fun at the same time!
    Clean Your Home - make sure you pay attention to the kitchen, bathrooms and living room areas. Always check the toilet paper supply and hand towel next to sink. And if you have pets at home, make sure pet hairs are properly cleaned up! You don’t want your guest to go home covered with pet hair.. :)

    Prepare Food - plan side dishes ahead of time or double check if you have all the ingredients needed for the meal plan. It pays off when you are ready instead of having to buy an ingredient in the middle of your preparation.

    Front Entry Closet - let your guests know where they should leave their coats and shoes upon entry. Entryways should have the proper set-up for coats and shoes of guests to leave.
    Give a Home Tour - introduce your home to guests by doing a brief tour inside your home. This is helpful for parents with kids so they’ll know where they can leave their kids (It’s also the time to show off after a whole bunch of general home cleaning!).
    Kids’ Toys - it is highly recommended to prepare toys for kids to enjoy, especially when you spend time with the parents. Try a small bin with all entertaining goodies like crayons, legos, books, and other fun stuff!

    Offer Drinks and Snacks - make sure you have beverages ready so you can have plenty of options for visitors. One visitor may not like one drink or the other. It’s normal! You can be ready with wine for adults, or soda and some fruit juices for kids or teenagers. Also, make sure you have some snack-like food on the counter that your guests can enjoy munching on while having chit-chats! You can either have desserts, vegetable ray, crackers with sliced cheese and ham. It’s quick and easy to prepare though…


    Collect the Extras - check if there are any things left like toys or any important items that don't belong to you. It is necessary to inform your friends if there are. You can also do this before guests leave to avoid the hassle of returning.
    Clean Up Mess Right Away - Get things done after guests leave. It is helpful if you choose paper plates or any disposables so you can easily throw them away after the party. It’s also smarter to finish cleaning up right away so you'll wake up free of dirty corners. You will be thankful for yourself that you did it!

    Now, I bet you learned a lot from reading the above ideas. You can now be ready to gather your friends and family and welcome them into your home! Have a great time!

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