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  • You Deserve to RELAX! Check these Tips!

    Jul 09, 19

    Well we all know nowadays hard work is often valued more over relaxation. Do you agree?

    Sometimes even our precious weekends are now dedicated to work to become more productive. 

    The question is why can’t we relax?

    Relaxation can bring about powerful healing responses in your body and mind. When you do this frequently, you will be able to focus more in life and your activities.

    So here's the thing, we really care that you feel good at home, so we’d like to share with you some inspirational ways you can relax:

    1. DEAL WITH THOSE FEELINGS! - do not hold onto feelings like guilt, regrets, anger, resentment or fear--all of which can be emotionally and mentally draining and will eventually create physical stress in the body. Practice to forgive yourself and let go of negative energies.

    2. USE AROMATHERAPY WITH NATURAL OILS - I always feel good when I use my LIFE Home Essential Oils. Smelling them would take only 20 seconds to be absorbed by your body. One of my favorites is Peppermint. It has the ability to help you focus and concentrate too! Also it keeps those allergies away!

    3. LEARN YOGA AND MEDITATION - exercise is one of the super effective way to release stress so move move move! Yoga is also a popular choice among st celebrities as it will give you a toned, athletic-looking body. Not to mention its physical and mental techniques lead to a healthy well being.

    4. MUSIC - this is my favorite one! I love listening music especially calm and instrumental tunes. It relaxes the mind and gives you a sense of silence at some point.

    5. SCHEDULE TIME OUT - you deserve time for yourself. Skip those scheduled meetings and appointment and date yourself. You can try escaping to nature, park, go for a swim, ride a bike or anything that will feel you happy!

    6. READING POETRY - i love reading.. do you? Sometimes it could be that a few lines of poetry that inspires you to handle the situation. Poetry can also offer you to look at life in a different perspective. It always give you unique inspiration. Remember the rule of thumb to be happy is that there are no rules. 

    7. ENJOY SOME GUILTY PLEASURES - sleep in longer hours, eat sweets or chocolates or maybe invest for a pet! These are all known to reduce stress.

    8. WORK FOR A CHARITY - helping others less fortunate make us reflect on the positive aspects of our own lives. Find a charity you are willing to help, it would be worth the effort after especially when you see smiling faces.

    9. FINALLY - TAKE A DEEP BREATH!  - you need to breathe! Life is short and you should be enjoying even the little things. I can still remember we talked about Breathing Exercises in our previous email. Look for that email and apply! You will thank us after…

    Anything you wanna share? We’d love to hear that!


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