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  • 'Bliss' Himalayan Salt Lamp


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    'Bliss' Himalayan Salt Lamp


    'Bliss' Himalayan Salt Lamp

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    Offering a different viewing experience from every angle, the Bliss LED salt lamp boasts multiple circular openings that accentuate its radiant, crystalline form, creating an ambience and atmosphere that is unique, healthy, and beautiful.

    Positively Charge Your Life with Negative Ions

    The rush of being near open water, or finding yourself deep in the forest, comes in part from communing with nature. But it’s so much more than that.  Every day, in our modern lives, we are surrounded and bombarded by positive ions—particles that carry a positive electrical charge.  Of course, we can’t set aside or even avoid many of our modern conveniences. But we can address the overload of positive ions by introducing negative ions into our environments, the very same negative ions that make taking a breath of fresh air on a misty mountain morning so invigorating.  And doing so can be easy, modern, and stylish with Bliss.

    Chic, Playful Simplicity Delivers Nature’s Mood Booster

    While anyone can benefit from introducing negative ions into their homes and work places,  not everyone’s sense of style is compatible with a large, raw-cut salt crystal.  And it shouldn’t have to be! Bliss provides all of the benefits of a traditional Himalayan salt lamp re-imagined with an instantly iconic modern design. Bliss houses natural Himalyan salt in a chic casing, creating its warm, appealing glow with state of the art LED technology.

    You Deserve to Shine—And We Want to Help

    LIFE Home harnesses one of the earth's most richest substances to bring the benefits of the outdoors to your every day environment.  Made from 250 million year-old salt crystals harvested from the Himalayan mountains, this lamp naturally attracts moisture, which is then dissipated by the heat of the LED bulbs. This evaporation of water through salt emits negative ions, which purify the surrounding air, promoting relaxation, eliminating toxins and radiation, and even reducing the invisible electro-smog caused by electronic devices. 

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