The warm, healing glow of a Himalayan salt lamp offers far more than aesthetic beauty.  It helps to cleanse the air, recharge your mind and body, and bring harmony to your environment.  These benefits are precisely the type of positive change LIFE wanted our products to make in your life.  But when we looked at traditional Himalayan salt lamp designs, we couldn’t help but see the flaws, and it became our quest to design something better: Himalayan salt lamps that give you all of the positive benefits while avoiding those flaws.  

Salt lamps can sweat in humid environments, due to their hydrogroscopic nature (meaning that they attract water molecules from the environment).  Being hygroscopic is a positive thing—but many lamp designs allow that moisture to gather on the surface on which the lamp is resting, rather than ensuring that it evaporates after being cleansed by the salt.  We set out to make designs that wouldn’t let that happen; after all, the healing glow of a salt lamp shouldn’t come with a hassle!

We also looked at energy efficiency.  Balance in our own lives means living in harmony with the earth, and we know that’s as important to you as it is to us.  We sought an energy source that would safely and efficiently deliver Himalayan salt’s purifying benefits, and we found it in state-of-the-art LED technology.

And of course, we wanted to find the richest, purest Himalayan salt crystals available.  Our salt comes to you from the largest and oldest salt mine in the Punjab region of Pakistan: the famed Khewra salt mines, discovered in 320 BC.  This ancient mine, the second oldest in the world, still produces the most sought after Himalayan salt, enriched with more than 80 beneficial minerals, trace minerals, and microminerals. We shape—but do not in any other way alter—the natural miracle of Himalayan salt to complement our variety of aesthetically pleasing, modern lamp designs.

Aesthetically, our lamps represent harmony and balance—between art, nature, and technology, between the modern and the ancient, and in your own life.  Scientifically, they fill your air with negative ions, which provide you with a plethora of positive benefits.  In our modern era, we are exposed to far more positive ions than our ancestors were, which can dampen our moods and threaten our physical and mental well-being.  

You can experience the benefits of negative ions when you step into the natural world—the clear air rushing off of a waterfall, a brisk breeze on a wooded trail, the invigorating air of the ocean shore. Our salt lamps are like your own personal open window into nature, gifting you with negative ions to offset the imbalance that technology brings along with its conveniences, into your life. And now you can experience all of these benefits in an elegantly designed modern package, with our salt lamp collection.