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  • Our Story

    LIFE Home is a brand, a company, and a team with a mission: to design, create, and provide products that enhance, enrich, and transform the lives of our customers. 

    Aesthetically, our products represent harmony and balance—between art, nature, and technology, between the modern and the ancient, and in your own life.  Scientifically, they’re designed to fulfill your needs, exceed your expectations, and in some cases, even improve your health or save your life.  There is no shortage of products or technological conveniences in our modern life, but here at LIFE we recognize that there is a shortage of holistically designed products created with your overall well-being in mind. That shortage is the one we are committed to addressing. 

    We began life (pun intended!) as a power brand—literally. We started off empowering our customers by powering up their lives in new ways that brought them freedom. From phone chargers to jump starters to car emergency kits, our goals have always been to embolden and empower you—to make technology work for you, instead of the other way around.  Technology should free you, not frustrate you, and it certainly should not limit you. 

    Here at LIFE we don’t believe in limitation. 

    Our philosophy on technology is simple, and it led us beyond simple power sources. We learned about other ways in which technology has contributed to limitations and frustrations. We learned about the onslaught of screens, of positive ions that create negative moods, and the other ways in which these modern conveniences have subtly and not so subtly transformed our homes and work spaces, contributing to fatigue and irritation. 

    As our understanding deepened, so did our commitment to our mission.  Now we sought not only to empower and free our customers through technology, but to brighten their lives and inspire them. 

    The warm, healing glow of a Himalayan salt lamp offers far more than aesthetic beauty.  It helps to cleanse the air, recharge your mind and body, and bring harmony to your environment.  These benefits are precisely the type of positive change LIFE wanted our products to make in your life.  

    But when we looked at traditional Himalayan salt lamp designs, we couldn’t help but see the flaws, and it became our quest to design something better: Himalayan salt lamps that give you all of the positive benefits while avoiding those flaws. We produced designs that wouldn’t let moisture accumulate on surfaces and designs that achieve energy efficiency through state-of-the-art technology. Our lamps produce negative ions to help harmonize your environment—they’re like an open window into the outdoors and the natural world.  

    In many ways, they epitomize what we here at LIFE want to achieve most: for our customers to experience in their own homes and offices the same freedom and empowerment they might feel on a mountain top or on the open water. 

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to recognize and celebrate the power and conveniences technology offers us, to remain connected and communicative with the world around us and one another, and to create products that are not just merely profitable. Our mission is to create products that add value to your lives, that enrich them, inspire you, and enhance your surroundings. 

    Our Vision

    We envision a world in which art, technology, and nature work together harmoniously for the mental and physical well-being of every living thing. 

    Who We Are

    First and foremost, we are human beings, just like you. We are creators, artists, engineers, scientists, and dreamers. We are a producer and manufacturer of products that enhance and beautify your life. 



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