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  • Our Values

    Passionate About Power

    In a modern world, one so filled with conveniences, an informational age when knowledge is just the tap of a fingertip away, it seems strange that so many people feel overwhelmed.  LIFE values empowering our customers, with physically and mentally uplifting products that beautify and bring balance to their lives.

    Focused on Freedom

    Freedom in our lives can feel tenuous at times.  Crushed under the weight of obligations, harried by a busy schedule, constantly stressed by the expectations of others—life doesn’t have to be like that and LIFE strives to help our customers understand that.  

    Serious About Style

    Aesthetic beauty and health are not mutually exclusive goals. In fact, here at LIFE, we believe taking aesthetics seriously is in fact a way to improve and empower our customers’ health. Form and function need not be at odds, and when we design a product we seek to excel at both—because our customers deserve nothing less.

    Impactful Innovation

    “Good enough” isn’t something we say at LIFE.  We are always looking for ways to engineer and integrate innovation into our designs, to elevate your experience with our products.

    Transformational Technology

    Technology can be used to oppress, or to uplift. Here at life, we celebrate the use of technology to transform lives in a positive way.  From state-of-the-art LED light technology to smart lamps that you can enjoy with the use of a smart phone app, we’re committed to finding the ways in which technology can enrich and enhance your life.

    A Love for Life in All Its Forms

    The name of our company—LIFE—is simple. For us, it expresses a simple, but powerful idea: the commitment to leading the way to better, more balanced, more harmonious, healthier lives. Whoever you are, whatever your struggles, we believe that our products can purify, inspire, and improve your life.

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