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  • 'Ascent' Himalayan Salt Lamp


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    'Ascent' Himalayan Salt Lamp


    'Ascent' Himalayan Salt Lamp

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    Create Positive Energy with Negative Ions

    The fresh, clean exuberance you feel near a rushing waterfall or on a high mountain top isn’t just from being close to nature. It’s also because you’re surrounded by—and breathing in—one of nature’s best cures for a negative mood: negative ions. But you don’t have to go to the Alps to experience the positive mental and physical effects of negative ions.  Our Ascent Himalayan Salt Lamp enriches the air you breathe with the same negative ions, helping to balance and offset the bombardment of positive ions you experience being surrounded by modern technology.

    A Natural Boost with a Sleek, Minimalist Modern Presentation

    Maybe you’ve been aware of the benefits to be gained from the soft, cleansing glow of Himalayan salt lamps for some time—but the traditional raw-cut salt wouldn’t complement your home or office decor.  Ascent is the answer.  Its minimalist, modern cube design provides you with a sleek, simple way to enhance your environment while remaining true to your preferred sense of design. Its clean, uncluttered design and LED technology are also the perfect answer if you are seeking a modern essential oil warmer.

    Ascend to a Brighter Lifestyle with Ascent

      LIFE Home harnesses one of the earth's most richest substances to bring the benefits of the outdoors to your every day environment. Add to cart now to bring the natural world in to your home.  

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