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  • 'Serenity' Himalayan Salt Lamp


    'Serenity' Himalayan Salt Lamp


    'Serenity' Himalayan Salt Lamp

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    Serenity brings all the rich benefits of the outdoors to your home. The lamp's natural salt rocks are gently heated by an energy-efficient LED bulb to send negative ions into the air to balance the bombardment of positive ions that we are exposed to every day.

    Boost Your Positivity with Negative Ions

    Positively charged ions bombard you on a daily basis. They’re the unfortunate result of being surrounded by the many conveniences afforded us by modern technology.  But modern technology, in the form of our Serenity Himalayan salt lamp, can also help offset these harmful, positive ions. Serenity enriches your home and office with negative ions, nature’s  natural mood booster, found in abundance in uplifting locations like the ocean’s shore and in the deep woods.  Import nature’s natural de-stresser with the gentle, energy efficient LED powered glow of Serenity.

    Elegant Modern Design Meets Simple Natural Beauty

    Serenity’s design highlights the melding of nature and modern living that inspired it.  Admire nature’s unique beauty in the one of a kind textures and forms of natural Himalayan salt, cradled in an elegant, modern stand suitable for almost any home or office interior décor.  Its design is a visual reminder of the harmonious relationship we can cultivate with nature, art, and technology.

    Let LIFE Inspire Your to Brighten Your Own Life

    Our commitment to beautiful, functional, inspiring product design is obvious. What you can’t see from a photograph is our commitment to inspiring, supportive customer service.  If Serenity is, for some reason, not everything you’d hoped it would be, we will make it right with you.  Whether that means granting a 100%, hassle-free refund, or listening to your concerns and questions and communicating with you until we can work things out to your complete satisfaction, LIFE is here for you.

    LIFE Home harnesses one of the earth's most richest substances to bring the benefits of the outdoors to your every day environment. Made from 250 million year-old salt crystals harvested from the Himalayan mountains, this lamp naturally attracts moisture, which is then dissipated by the heat of the LED bulbs. This evaporation of water through salt emits negative ions, which purify the surrounding air, promoting relaxation, eliminating toxins and radiation, and even reducing the invisible electro-smog caused by electronic devices. 

    Add to cart now to bring the natural world in to your home.

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